Christian Witness

Hello, and may God bless.

This site attests to what Jesus Christ has done for me.  My name is Ron Coleman.  I had a cat-scan and MRI that indicated tissue in my pancreas that was suspicious.  It should not have been there.

After the cat-scan and MRI, I began to pray to Christ that this abnormal tissue disappear, that my pancreas be healed of any foreign tissue.  I prayed earnestly to Jesus, Mother Mary, St. Pio, St. Charbel, and other saints, and requested monks from various Abbeys from around the world and Christians in my home parish, Holy Trinity, Bloomington, Illinois to pray that this abnormality disappear.

About a month later, I had an endoscopy performed on my pancreas and areas around it.  To the specialist’s surprise, since he noted that there was abnormal tissue as sited by the MRI and was prepared to perform a biopsy, there was no abnormal tissue.  You can imagine my relief.  I thank Jesus and those who had prayed for me.

A few months later the specialist ordered another MRI specifically targeting the pancreas.  Nada.  The doctor found nothing that is abnormal.  He wants me to undergo another MRI in six months.  (In June, 2020.)

The new MRI performed in October 2020 (delay due to Covid-19) also showed nothing abnormal.

Again, I am so grateful to Jesus.  He has healing power for all those who believe, who believe and trust that He can affirmatively answer prayer.  One must have faith.

What Jesus has done for me, He can do for you.  You must believe in Him, have faith in Him, and He will act.  He did so for me.  I asked Him in humility to help me and with the help of other prayerful companions who believe deeply in Christ, my prayer has been answered.

All praise to Jesus.

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